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Official Madrid Championship Wristbands - Limited Edition!

Official Madrid Championship Wristbands - Limited Edition!

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Reserve your exclusive pair of official Madrid Championship Wristbands now and receive them in September, just in time for the competition's kickoff. Hurry up, units are limited! *Only one pair per person.

*Unique size

Product Details:

  • BETTER GRIP ON THE BAR. keep your hands dry at all times and focus on nailing every single repetition without slipping.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT. Protect the sensitive skin around your wrists, preventing injuries from friction, and unleash your full potential during training.
  • HIGH-QUALITY FLEXIBLE FABRIC. They adapt to each athlete's wrist, providing unique support and security during intense workouts.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your performance and take your training to the next level. Reserve your pair of official Madrid Championship  Wristbands today before they run out!

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